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Spectacular tips that Apple shows us on its YouTube channel

Apple has just uploaded new videos to its YouTube channel to show us how we can improve our photos in a simple, clear and direct way. Taking advantage of the World Cup in Russia 2018 , they wanted to show us the best options to take a picture or video while we play a football match with our friends.

This time we do not only find the different filters or settings that we can edit or apply live through software. They also tell us that type of positions we can adopt to get that spectacular image.

Spectacular tips that Apple shows us on its YouTube channel
Spectacular tips that Apple shows us on its YouTube channel

It’s true that they are simple and very practical tips , where the results escape any general image that we usually make every day, where you probably haven’t thought about it. Thanks to these tips, we are sure that our friends will be amazed by the images obtained with these simple tips.

Shooting a Panoramic Image with the iPhone

In this video of barely 44 seconds, Californians show us how to recreate a scene to immortalize it in a panoramic image . Surely, many of you have tried this option, but perhaps, recreating a scene like the one they show us in this video, you have not put it into practice. The result is quite good as you can see.

How to capture an eye-catching image at a soccer game

Here again we pull out all the stops to capture images like a real professional . Perhaps, these tips are among the best we can see in this video series. Apple shows us what kind of positions are the most suitable to capture that epic moment, either in video, photos or even animated gifs.

Slow Motion, when an image becomes magical

Any everyday gesture while practicing our favorite sport, can be a perfect shot to get attention in any group of friends. From the perspective of those closest to the ground and by applying the slow motion at the perfect moment, we can obtain an impressive result.

Apple teaches us to capture the perfect moment

As we mentioned at the beginning, we don’t just need a good camera like the one in our iPhones and powerful software. The magic of a capture or video made by us, lies in the originality . Taking advantage of the circumstances of the terrain, we have the power to recreate scenes from a blockbuster with these simple tricks.

Lower the brightness, raise the expectations

This video offers surprising results with a small adjustment and creating an atmosphere that will make represent moments of movies or great commercials. This time Apple explains the potential of lowering the brightness of an image and taking full advantage of the circumstances of the terrain to make a video. Something similar to the previous video but with a different perspective.

What did you think of these tips and tricks from Apple? Did you find them useful? Will you apply them with your iPhone?