special the Applesphere Talks

On this occasion, Eduardo and I left the usual Apple Talks set to record a very special episode. From the very entrance to WWDC19 in San Jose (California) – right in front of the McEnery Center – we went over the most important points of the keynote, where we also offer you exclusive videos of the event and the new Mac Pro.

Beyond the information we could see on Monday, we also commented on the last hour , after attending the subsequent meetings of Apple where we could learn more about the new Mac Pro and Display Pro XDR. We also commented on the highlights of a very important event and a key starting point for Apple’s future plans.

special the Applesphere Talks
special the Applesphere Talks

We hope you like this new special episode: we take this opportunity to thank you from all the team you choose to live and share the WWDC19 with us!

At AppleA keynote to go further: this is the new Mac Pro and the new Apple operating systems

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