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Special free games for Mac: Adventure

Soviet-Unterzoegersdorf, Brain Hotel, Shadow of The Comet

I think one of the meanings of the Mac is that there are almost no video game releases for the platform, which was true until a few years ago. Since the transition to Intel, although only some big companies like Blizzard or Aspyr are concerned about releasing games for our Macs, at least we have the option of installing Windows with BootCamp.

Special free games for Mac: Adventure
Special free games for Mac: Adventure

But that’s not the point of this series of articles we’re starting today. We are going to try to show you a series of free games , that even if they don’t have the spectacularity of big productions, at least manage to hook you with other arguments . Or is it that until now, with the proliferation of hyperrealistic graphics thanks to the last generation consoles, no good games have been made?

I hope that some of the games included in this selection that I make today will manage to attract you enough to make you spend some time of entertainment. Let’s see what cards we play today.

As first course of today, I have a game that surely does not stand out for its excessive graphic quality, but it is curious because of the great amount of reminiscences it has towards an era lived during the second half of the 20th century, the Cold War .

Soviet-Unterzoegersdorf , is a game made in the Soviet Union that reminds me a lot of the official X-Files video game. It combines real characters and background images and it is about a peculiar soldier of the Soviet army who is trapped inside a newly divided region of Russia at the beginning of the nineties. Our protagonist will have to manage to get rid of the problems that arise in such an unstable region

As a second course, there is Brain Hotel . It is a Flash game inspired by the classic adventures of LucasArts, with the typical menu that allows us to choose which option to make.

Our protagonist Ed Arnold , just staying in a hotel, finds himself with a strange convention in which strange events will start to happen.

And as a dessert, there is always room in the food for a sweet dish, which comes from an Abandonware, Shadow Of The Comet . In the early nineties, thanks to the French developer Infogrames , a series of titles set in the Myths of Cthulhu were produced.

Shadow of the comet begins with the arrival of our protagonist in a remote village on the coast of New England during the 1920s. He will soon discover that in the village everyone has a secret to keep. If you like horror stories, I’m sure this game will provide you with many.


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