Special air compressors for Mac

The Unarchiver



Special air compressors for Mac
Special air compressors for Mac

Este programa llego a mis manos de una forma bastante curiosa. Tenía un conjunto de archivos que era simplemente imposible de descomprimir con ningún programa, hasta que probé UnRarX. Puede que sea el programa más feo, poco usable y básico de todos los analizados pero realiza de forma tan rápida y eficiente la descompresión de archivos que no podía faltar en este listado.

Como decía su mayor ventaja es la de poder descomprimir absolutamente todo archivo, no hablo de formatos si no de codificaciones. Cuando tengas un conjunto de archivos que descomprimir y ningún programa es capaz de hacerlo, UnRarX es la solución .

En las pruebas de velocidad se muestra como el programa más rápido, es curioso que a simple vista la peor opción se convierte en la más rápida con una sorprendente marca de 9,8 segundos a la hora de descomprimir los archivos propuestos.

Descarga They come in all colours, in all sizes, and in all sorts of ways. But the truth is that they all have one simple function: to decompress files. Here is a small selection of the best from my point of view.

In order to have a reference point between the programs in all cases I will unzip a folder with 7 nested files and a total size of 800Mb. The computer used in both cases will be an iMac 2.8Ghz Extreme.

The Unarchiver

It’s one of the first options to consider. It is very easy to use, accepts many formats, is very simple and integrates really well with the system . One feature that I value very much is that a program like an unpacker has to be as transparent as possible for the user. It is not a program that we need to use constantly or that its usability is paramount. The most important thing is that it should be as unobtrusive as possible.

The unarchiver” works in the same way as the default Mac OS X decompressor , you’ll hardly see it and it does its job. Its biggest problem is that it has some coding errors with some specific files.

In the performance tests, it ranked last of all the programs used with a time of 21.8 seconds , by far the slowest of all programs.


It’s definitely ” the other ” and although it has recently given up some ground from other programs not long ago Stuffit was the king of the party in Mac OS X. I still remember the first time I got my hands on a .sit file and the look on my face when I had no idea what that file was.

On Mac this format has been left aside a little bit and we have started to adopt the Windows standards, that is, .RAR and .ZIP to the detriment of the format proposed by Stuffit. Luckily, the company has been able to adapt to the times and include these formats in its options.

Like The Unarchiver it is quite transparent to use and just as comfortable. In performance tests it is among the fastest with a time of 11.8 seconds , not bad.



BetterZip is clearly one of them. If you come from the Windows world and have just moved to a Mac, this may be a fantastic option for you, the reason being the enormous resemblance the application bears to Winrar.

Let’s say it’s the closest thing in operation, design and options to Winrar and for all new Mac users it may be more comfortable. In general, if we have to highlight something, it is precisely an option that Winrar has and that in Mac is not very common, to show the content without having to decompress the files. It is also compatible with 7zip files, not very used but it is always good to be able to open most of the files.

In terms of performance, he is not badly placed in second place either, a mark of 10.7 seconds puts him in a very good position .


The problem with BetterZip is that it is fee-based, so for all those people who don’t want to spend money they have this Zipeg option. It’s uglier but deep down it does almost everything BetterZip does and doesn’t do it badly .

It displays files just like Winrar and BetterZip and also supports 7z files. It’s not that easy to use, but it’s free so you can’t ask for much more for how well it works.

When it comes to performance, it’s not bad at all, is the average with 12.9 seconds , it’s the slowest of the “fast” but certainly much better than The Unarchiver.


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