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[Special 2011] The most interesting accessories for the iPhone

Lo mejor del 2011 en Apple

Due to this popularity the amount of accessories available for Apple computers is quite long, so making a selection of them seems quite complicated. In any case here is a selection of which, in my opinion, are the most interesting.

[Special 2011] The most interesting accessories for the iPhone
[Special 2011] The most interesting accessories for the iPhone

  • The first accessory, or better said set of accessories, is the Belkin LiveAction, three accessories designed to use our as if it were a professional camera thanks to a remote trigger, a microphone that powers the one included with the terminal and even a grip to improve the control of the device.
  • For some time now there have been a few hands-free accessories available on the market in the shape of an old phone to connect to our iPhone, the idea is good but even better is a concept that we show you at Apple of an “all-inclusive phone” accessory with which to use our iPhone as if it were a traditional device.
  • Now it’s the turn of the sportsmen and women and at Apple we also think about them, as is the case of the three accessories we showed some time ago to use our iPhone from our bicycle comfortably and without fear of our terminal going off due to an impact or blow. Highlight on them Biologic, an accessory with which in addition to holding our terminal we can recharge it.
  • An accessory that we also commented this year and that turned out to be quite attractive, at least in concept, is the creation of vintage wooden devices using the iPhone as a “multimedia center”, in this way we can create a colorful alarm clock using a dock made of wood. The idea is curious and the result is really the least interesting.
  • We finish this first section of accessories also with three other accessories for the iPhone, in this case three accessories with which we can combine our portfolio with our terminal and eliminate another thing to carry in our pockets. Of the three mentioned recommend the model of Sena, is the one I have, as it is very comfortable on almost any occasion except using the camera of the terminal.

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