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Sparrow will be updated to suit iPhone 5

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Sparrow will be updated to suit iPhone 5Sparrow will be updated to suit iPhone 5

The latest news about this application came from Google which, together with its creators, bought Sparrow to improve it and take it to a higher level, but after its small updates in August, today we know that it will also adapt to the new iPhone 5, a good news for its users.

After the news that Sparrow, the mail application that has eaten away at the official Mail application in iOS, was bought by Google we knew that it would not receive any new updates beyond the maintenance and security updates . However, at the end of August we did receive new updates for iOS and OS X Mountain Lion, the first one to allow the opening of links in Chrome and the second one to adapt the application to the new Mac with Retina screen.

According to Dominique Leca, co-founder of the application, the mail client will receive a new update that will adapt it to the new screen that integrates the iPhone 5 .

Dominique talks about the merger with Google to get a much bigger vision of the application, an application that has cancelled its development for iPad when it had gotten the support of the community of users who supported the project by paying its price in the App Store.

All these users have felt betrayed and abandoned by its creators who, despite the fact that the change would be for the better, the reality of the application is that Google has not bought it but has left it to die in its own normal, something normal for a company but a good cold water jug for the users.

If you want to get the application, you can still purchase it for both iOS and OS X .

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