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Sparrow becomes more social in version 1.2

Sparrow has been updated to version 1.2 and brings us interesting new features: unification of the mailbox of several accounts and integration with Facebook and Gravatar to show the avatars of whoever sends us a message on the mailing list.

The acclaimed minimalist mail client for Mac OS was updated last night to version 1.2. The most notable improvement is the integration with Facebook to display our friends’ avatars in the message list. Avatars from the system calendar or from Gravatar are also supported. As a curiosity, in the preferences it shows us the Facebook friends that also use this mail client.

Sparrow becomes more social in version 1.2
Sparrow becomes more social in version 1.2

With this update the Unified Mailbox has arrived : we will now see all incoming emails from various accounts in one single list. And also the Spanish translation , along with Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German and French. No more excuses.

Regarding preferences, you can now check whether you want the delete key to act by moving the message to the trash or archiving it. A few more improvements and finally the dock icon jumps when we start it, as it should! According to them, in the next version 1.3 they propose to improve the label management and will introduce a new secret feature that will apparently improve our productivity. Most likely they will add the ability to mute conversations . We’ll have to wait and see what they bring.

From what I’ve been able to prove, it’s still my favorite email client , the avatars look great, whether they’re from our contacts in Gmail or from Facebook (you uploaded them in seconds). Sparrow is on the Mac App Store for 7.99 , which I think is justified. If you want to try it out first, they have a free Lite version with ads and limited to one account.

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