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Spark updates in iOS and macOS adding new mail templates

Spark is undoubtedly one of the best email managers on both the App Store and the Mac App Store. This manager has quite interesting features that are not present in Apple’s native application, Mail, making it a perfect alternative. With its last update, Readdle has incorporated a new feature that has caught our attention: the new Mail templates.

We have all been looking for the ideal email manager to help us in our day to day life and not give us headaches. This last one is what Spark wants to avoid with its last update incorporating the email templates, a functionality that will save us from copying and pasting the same body of text many times.

Spark updates in iOS and macOS adding new mail templates
Spark updates in iOS and macOS adding new mail templates

If you have to write enough emails every day because of your work you will be tired of always writing the same thing to introduce yourself to a new client or to give a negative answer to a new contract.

The new Spark templates have surprised us by being really simple to use and configure as well as being totally free for all users. Simply after updating the application in the Settings on both Mac and iOS we will have a new section called “Templates”.

We found different parts when filling out this template. First we have the text box where we’ll write the text that will appear by default and that we won’t change when we use it. Next we have the predefined replacement fields that are in blue and that will be automatically edited with the recipient’s information or our personal information such as first name, last name or company name, saving us this precious time.

The orange placeholders will allow us to enter custom values that we’ll modify depending on the type of mail we’re writing. These placeholders cannot be left blank before the mail is sent as Spark will notify us. The best way to understand this new function is to watch this Readdle video:

With this new Spark function it has never been easier to respond to emails s more monotonous. We hope that eventually Mail will take note and implement this and more features such as the ability to schedule mailings.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about these new templates.

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