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Spark, the alternative to Mail

Email is no longer just an essential work tool, but a whole solution for individuals and businesses in the digital world. Twenty years ago it seemed almost like science fiction and now it’s reality … Apple knew how to effectively implement its own email manager in the different devices it has developed over time, and Mail is one of those untouchables on our iPhone or iPad. Most users use it as such, but there is life beyond it. Today we discover Spark, a different email manager.

First of all, you should know that if you use iOS 10, many of the built-in applications, including Mail, can already be uninstalled. If you want to test Spark, don’t delete Mail yet, as you might not like it.

Spark, the alternative to MailSpark, the alternative to Mail

This application works very well and has the advantage of being free and having a very friendly interface. The inbox is intelligent and automatically detects whether an email, notification or newsletter is personal and groups them together in this way. With simple gestures such as sliding, you can archive and delete them, an option that can also be done from the home screen without having to open the application , obviously with 3D Touch. The possibility of responding is also possible in this way.

If there’s one thing I like about it, it’s the calls , which allow you to reply to a message with a single touch . With this system you can automatically say “thank you” or “like” for emails that require it.

A very interesting point for this application, is its integration with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Readability, Pocket, Evernote and One Note . This way you can easily attach your files and save them automatically.

After an initial period in which I lived with both applications, Mail and Spark, I finally opted for the latter , as its experience, from my point of view, is more comfortable and friendly. Come on, I don’t miss Mail. The design is also very pleasing to the eye and the application’s configuration possibilities are very good.

We would like you to leave a comment if Mail is still your default application as a mail manager or if you use other alternatives offered by the App Store. We are waiting for you! Don’t forget to share and comment .

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