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Spanish Apple Store sales increase in 2013

El País

Apple’s in luck these days. At least in the economic field, which is what interests a company that lives in and takes advantage of the capitalist world. If a few days ago we were talking about the increases in Apple stores worldwide and the great satisfaction of users with their products, today we have good news at a national level: sales of Spanish Apple stores have skyrocketed .

Spanish Apple Store sales increase in 2013
Spanish Apple Store sales increase in 2013

Speaking in purely economic terms, Apple Retail Spain, which is the company that manages the Apple Stores in Spain (not to be confused with the Premium Resellers) had a turnover last year (until September 2013) of 213 million euros , a figure that represents an increase of 49% if we compare it with the previous year.

The reasons for this increase in sales are clear: the new releases of iPhone and iPad have worked very well with the general public and Macs continue to have very stable numbers that grow according to the time of year we are in. We hope that this increase in revenue will mean the opening of new Apple stores in Spain , as apart from the expected Puerta del Sol, we have not had many more developments in this area.


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