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South Korea’s First Apple Store to Open December 30

Kyoto, la antigua capital de Japón, va a tener su propia Apple Store

Apple continues, slowly but surely, to open official stores in countries where it has not yet had any presence other than through authorized distributors. Now it’s South Korea’s turn, whose capital Seoul will have its first Apple Store starting December 30 if there are no unforeseen events that disrupt those plans.

South Korea’s First Apple Store to Open December 30South Korea’s First Apple Store to Open December 30

The news, published in the Korean media ETNews and reflected in MacRumors, details that the works of the store finished last month. It will be in the Gangnam neighborhood , whose name you will know from the song that went viral on all the networks some time ago. In the picture you can see its current status.

The store will have two floors, with the modern design that Angela Ahrendts and Jonathan Ive boast about in other stores like the one in Chicago. On one floor there will be 18 tables displaying the products and on the other there will be an area with stools and a giant screen for the ‘Today at Apple’ sessions.

This Seoul store, if we are not surprised by one more location that is not on record, is going to be the 500th Apple Store in the world . This is a milestone that will surely be mentioned at the next press conference on the company’s financial results.

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