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South Korea begins investigation of Apple for slowing down its iPhone

The South Korean Communications Commission has launched an investigation against Apple because of the slowdown of its iPhone without giving prior notice to the company’s users. Although it does not have full jurisdiction to conduct a formal investigation, it has asked Cupertino’s company to provide further information about this case that affects its citizens, which surely some will feel misled.

As I mentioned earlier, because Apple does not fall under the jurisdiction of South Korea, you cannot conduct an investigation as such, but you can conduct one in the United States as it is based in the U.S. country. Although in this country they already accumulate several lawsuits for this case and in other countries they have also started class actions to receive a fair explanation for this issue.

South Korea begins investigation of Apple for slowing down its iPhone
South Korea begins investigation of Apple for slowing down its iPhone

Tim Cook

Apple only issued a statement admitting these accusations and blaming the media for spreading the performance tests of their computers that foresaw a clear slowdown of their iPhones as time went by. All the blame ended up in the fourth power without them taking the blame or giving too much explanation, although now they will have to go country by country explaining it before a court or a legislative committee.

These legal procedures are going to be long, especially those in the USA which are the most expected since they have full jurisdiction, although the rest of the courts and therefore the rest of the users also require a legal response to this hoax that they wanted to pass on to us from Apple.

In these lawsuits, which he said have been filed both in the U.S. and in other countries, Apple is accused of making a profit by forcing the upgrade of phones to a higher version. If the company had been totally transparent we would not have had this discussion, but since Cupertino they have decided to be opaque with the users who literally leave us a salary for buying one of their devices.

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