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Sources suggest that iPhone 8 sales are worse than an ‘S’ model

Before we knew anything about the release of the iPhone X, several months ago, the most expected was the one that, in numerical order, was going to end up after the iPhone 7, that is, the iPhone 8. This terminal is really good from every point of view, but it is true that its release, so close to the model that symbolizes the tenth anniversary, has lowered the sales expectations for this smartphone. According to the CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) sales of the iPhone 8 are worse than those of a model S.

For those who are not too into the subject, they may think that an S model, that is, an iPhone with something else, sells just as well and even better in some cases than the original, but this is not the case, in fact, the answer to the question of why Apple has not launched an iPhone 7s is that. S models sell quite a lot, but compared to the main or plus version in question the ‘S’ figure is quite far behind.

Sources suggest that iPhone 8 sales are worse than an ‘S’ model
Sources suggest that iPhone 8 sales are worse than an ‘S’ model

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By saying this we not only refer to the iPhone 8 as such, but also to the Plus model. According to the source mentioned above, in the time since the terminal went on sale it has sold only 16% of all units while the latest S model, the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, sold 24% of them.

This doesn’t mean under any circumstances that the iPhone 8 is a bad phone, far from it. In fact, we have seen it give a lot of war to the Samsung Note 8 and beat it in some sections. It has simply been the iPhone X boom which has eclipsed its predecessor , but either the 8 or 8 Plus model is one of the best terminals available today.

Source : 9to5Mac

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