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Sound problems on iPad: how to fix them

If you’re finding that your iPad has sound problems with its speakers, you may have a solution before taking it in for repair. That’s why we recommend that you see a series of tips and possible solutions that we tell you in this post in order to fix those failures in the iPad.

Check if your iPad has sound on

It may seem obvious, but on more than one occasion we may believe that our iPad has a sound fault and what really happens is that it doesn’t have sound activated. To do this we recommend opening the Control Center and checking if the volume bar is active. You can also look at it from Settings> Sound.

Sound problems on iPad: how to fix them
Sound problems on iPad: how to fix them

Another problem that can occur is that the Do Not Disturb mode is on and you may be able to hear the sound of a video but not receive audio notifications. This can also be done by looking at the moon icon in the Control Center or by looking at Settings> Do Not Disturb .

Is there a bluetooth device connected?

If you have an AirPod or other model of bluetooth headset and even speakers, they may be connected to your iPad and the sound is playing on them without your knowledge. To do this, go to Settings> Bluetooth and in the “My Devices” section check that they are connected and if any of these accessories are connected you must deactivate them.

Clean the speaker

No matter how careful you are with your iPad, it’s often impossible to keep even a small speck of dust out of it. This kind of dirt can be very tedious, as it may be collapsing the internal audio output and therefore making sounds unheard or unclear. Taking into account that the speakers are very small in these devices and that they are also delicate, we recommend not to clean it if you don’t have a certain skill.

If you are willing to clean it, we advise you to do so with a small cotton swab that does not release any lint. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush for this purpose. We insist on emphasizing the delicacy with which this cleaning should be carried out, as any minor impact can damage the speaker.

Check that the software does not fail

It’s not very common for iPadOS or iOS to have such failures, but it’s not something you can rule out either. That’s why we recommend to check if there is a more recent software version, for which you should go to Settings> General> Software Update. If there is a more recent version of the operating system, you will find it there ready to download and install.

There are also times when the software presents problems in such a way that the iPad appears to have a hardware problem, in this case the speakers. It’s not very common, but if this is the case you can try restoring the iPad without backup . To do this we recommend you take a look at the article on how to safely format an iPad.

Doesn’t it work? Contact Apple

If none of these solutions have worked for you, you have no choice but to go to Apple to have the device repaired. This can be done by making an appointment at an Apple Store or, if not, at an authorised service centre. These places will make a diagnosis of the device and tell you exactly what the problem is.

If you want to know how much the repair will cost you , we must tell you that it is complicated to know because it depends on several aspects. It can even be free if it is a factory fault or if a widespread problem has been detected and a free repair program has been opened. If the iPad has been damaged, even accidentally, you’ll almost certainly have to pay, but it won’t be the same price on all iPad models. So it’s best to get an estimate from the technicians themselves.

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