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Soon we will have a new update of Real Racing 3, Dubai awaits

Real Racing 3 (Gratis)

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Soon we will have a new update of Real Racing 3, Dubai awaits
Soon we will have a new update of Real Racing 3, Dubai awaits

There are many games, in this case racing games, that pass by the shops without any pity or glory. But this is not the case. Real Racing 3 has managed to attract a large number of users who compete daily on its tracks to beat their rivals and become the undisputed champions in all categories. After a first update, its developers show us a next one that will come in a few days in which the inclusion of the Dubai circuit stands out.

It has been three months since the launch of Real Racing 3. Its graphics, its exquisite gameplay, the different game modes and the multitude of vehicles available managed to satisfy all these motoring fans . One of his greatest successes was betting on the mode freemium managing to please both casual players and those who spend more time and money to get improvements and advance faster in the game timeline .

Not long ago their first major update was released where they incorporated a new gameplay style -Hunter-, lots of new tests, the inclusion of the Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1 among other gameplay and performance improvements. Now, just one month later the guys from Real Racing 3 inform us from their official Facebook page of a new update among which we highlight new cars, new tests and the addition of the Dubai circuit to the list of available scenarios.

They themselves assure us that the update will soon be available for all platforms . The developers of Real Racing 3 are not disappointing their users at the moment and with this pace and quality of updates the growth of their user base is more than assured. Thanks to their particular multiplayer system , races will be much more varied, fun and competitive.

I’m already looking forward to trying out this new update and driving my Camaro under the sunset of the Dubai circuit. I may miss the impact that the weather effects could have on the game . I think it would give much more excitement to the races and give an extra quality to the game . I don’t doubt that the developers are already on it. For now, I never miss a few miles before I go to sleep, so I’ll see you at the tracks!

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