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Soon we could have jailbreak untethered in iOS 6.1.3

With only ten days to go before we can enjoy the final version of iOS 7, winocm has announced a preliminary version of the jailbreak untethered for iOS 6.1.3. For the moment it seems that it still contains some bugs and that it still needs some work to come out, but it is already a good first step to have something that works. It seems that only iPhone 4 GSM users will be able to use it when it comes out, but there is still a long way to go and things may change.

At this point in the film, with just over 10 days to go before iOS 7 is released to the general public in its final version, hacker winocm has announced that has the jailbreak untethered for iOS 6.1.3 . This has more history than meets the eye, as this hacker was not the first to claim to possess the jailbreak .

Soon we could have jailbreak untethered in iOS 6.1.3
Soon we could have jailbreak untethered in iOS 6.1.3

It turns out that a few months ago, UnthreadedJB, after releasing a jailbreak for iPhone 4 CDMA with iOS 5.1, claimed to have another one for version 6.1. 3 of Apple’s mobile operating system, but this, as was feared due to the suddenness of the news, was not true as no one supported this claim and to this day nothing is known about that software . Later Evad3rs announced that they were not working for the jailbreak in this version of the operating system and hope was a little lost.

Just today, a few hours ago, the hacker winocm, well known to the jailbreak community, published this tweet, in which he claims to have the software for iOS 6.1.3, although it still needs some work . In subsequent messages on the Twitter social network, he has clarified that the only device that currently supports this jailbreak is the iPhone 4 GSM and that it still works very poorly. So we will have to wait to debug these bugs and release another version that supports more iOS 6.1.3 devices.

On the other hand, we don’t know if UnthreadedJB and winocm are known to each other, so it could be that this jailbreak we are talking about was the one announced by the other hacker . However, in view of the comments of the last one, it seems that will have to wait a bit before we can test this software and another bit to see if other devices are supported, something that would please many users.

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