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Sony presenta PlayStation Communities para iOS

Sony has launched a new PlayStation Communities application for iOS and Android, which allows players to search, join and interact with similar groups of PS4 players from their smartphones.

Communities can be used to find players of specific games and work as forums, letting members post messages and images on the community wall. Members can also chat and join parties to play multiplayer games.

Sony presenta PlayStation Communities para iOS
Sony presenta PlayStation Communities para iOS

The new application is the third piece of standalone mobile software Sony has launched to complement its PlayStation 4 console, following the PlayStation core application in 2013, and a dedicated PlayStation Messages application last year.

Both platforms are a clear difference from Microsoft’s Xbox One effort , which keeps these communication tools within the console operating system, and Sony’s heavy application approach seems unnecessary – but so far these applications have made chatting on PS4 easier, and nothing complicated.

For frequent users, both the basic PlayStation application and the PlayStation Messages application have become some of their favourite applications – confirmed by the number of downloads – as they allow coordinated raids and sending messages much faster than using the user interface and console controller.

PlayStation Communities is a free download for iPhone and iPad available on the App Store.

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