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Sony invests to produce more for Apple

Considering the size that Apple has acquired and its impact on the market, it is time to start thinking about Apple as a company that competes against others , such as Sony, Samsung, etc; to think that the existence of Apple for many of these companies is indispensable , and that they bring him much more benefits than problems.

This seems to be the case of Sony itself, the prestigious Japanese brand, which after its poor results in recent years and some of its failures such as its notebook division, the decline in terms of television, its failed PS Vita or the almost unknown to the general public, due to its poor reception, Sony Smartwatch, seems to be rising in other sectors of activity to which it is dedicated, and precisely, this rise comes from the hand of the giant of Cupertino .

Sony invests to produce more for Apple
Sony invests to produce more for Apple

According to Bloomberg, Sony is planning to invest no less than 376 million dollars in the second half of this year to increase its production of the sensor for CMOS cameras , and all this to satisfy the demand from Apple, which is incorporating this chip into its latest iPhone, a device that is constantly breaking sales records and which seems to be bringing benefits to other companies such as Sony .

Is Sony becoming dependent on Apple underground? The truth is that Sony’s size does not make it very dependent on Apple at the moment, but if Apple suddenly decided to bet on another manufacturer for the chips for its iPhone cameras, Sony could suffer a curious turnaround in its economic prospects and it would be something perceived in a not very positive way by the market, which would punish the Japanese company.

A similar case is that of Samsung, which will go on to manufacture the future chips for Apple’s iPhone. This is of great benefit to Samsung, and as is the case with Sony, if demand for the iPhone continues to grow and Apple’s orders become increasingly important, the South Korean iPhone could end up depending to some extent on a decision by Apple , something that does not seem very positive in companies competing in the same market, that of consumer electronics.

In short, Sony and other companies, pushed by the demand for the iPhone, are even reaching the point of investing millions of dollars to be able to produce more and more of those components that Apple needs for its phones. The consequences that this may have in the future are still unknown, but for now, it means fresh air for companies that do not seem to be hitting the nail on the head with the release of their latest devices.

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