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SONOS presents Beam, a smart speaker for 449 euros

SONOS presents Beam , the latest high-end speaker bet with connectivity to AirPlay 2 and virtual assistants like Siri. It will be available from July 17th for a price of 449 euros .

This speaker promises an immersive audio quality for any room in our house. All this with top quality materials and offering connectivity with AirPlay 2 from July with a free software update.

SONOS presents Beam, a smart speaker for 449 euros
SONOS presents Beam, a smart speaker for 449 euros

This new speaker integrates seamlessly with Apple Music and Siri , so you can control it from anywhere with any Apple device via Voice Assist. Remember that AirPlay 2 allows us to play the audio on several speakers simultaneously.

The design of Sonos Beam comes in a compact, lightweight size to be accepted in virtually any home without much notice. It is available in black or white and offers these features:

  • Compact and discreet design
  • Smart speaker
  • Five microphones
  • Ethernet port, HDMI ARC and power
  • Possibility to connect to an optical audio input
  • Two colours available in matt finish (White and black)
  • Compatibility with Siri and other virtual assistants

Thanks to its new design, we can place it on the television in our living room without it hardly standing out. Of course, we can also place it in our office or even play it on our console to provide an immersive user experience.

We remind you that SONOS is one of the companies that allows Apple to sell its devices in the Apple Store , which means that we have a superior quality product that is 100% compatible with Apple devices.

As we mentioned, it will go on sale next July 17th, but from today on, you can book it at the own website of SONOS with a price of 449 euros. With the launch, a free software update will also be released to make it compatible with AirPlay 2 .


You can book it on this website

What did you think of the last SONOS bet? Will you reserve a Beam speaker?

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