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Sonos Playbar, the best sound bar compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you love watching movies and series on your couch with a good bowl of popcorn and a blanket, you’ll want to have the best possible audio quality that you can easily control. That’s why we had the opportunity to test a sound bar that we loved for its quality and especially for the possibility of controlling it from our smartphone easily as it is compatible with AirPlay. In the following article we give you all the details of this bar in which we recommend you to invest.

The bar we’ve been able to test on our TV is the Sonos Playbar which promises a surround sound and that is that it has the ability to detect what objects are around it and whether it’s on top of a piece of furniture or hanging on the wall it will always give the best possible sound quality, making it seem like the sound is coming from the back of the room when we have the sound bar in front of us. The truth is that we loved this feature because it seems that we are in a movie theater.

Sonos Playbar, the best sound bar compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac
Sonos Playbar, the best sound bar compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac

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The design is quite elegant and very clean so that it is as discreet as possible on the furniture of your house or on the wall. It has dimensions of 140 × 900 × 85 mm with a weight of 5.4 kg and we can only find a button panel on the right side where we can add and subtract the volume and activate the synchronization when we want to configure it with our smartphone.

As far as connections are concerned, does not incorporate Bluetooth but connects via WiFi to our 2.4 GHz network making the response we get when we do something from our smartphone like turning up the volume incredibly fast. In addition, it will allow us to control it from anywhere without any kind of lag or having to be right next to the bar to be well connected via Bluetooth, but while we are in the same WiFi network we can control it.

The installation is extremely simple as we only have to connect a cable to the power supply and another optical sound output cable to our television and it will be ready to work without any problem. In addition, we can also connect it to the Internet network through ethernet with the cable that is included in the box in case our WiFi is not too good.

To perform the configuration alone we must download from the App Store the Sonos application and follow the steps that we are told to connect the bar to our WiFi. Once connected we can perform different actions such as detecting the location, make a sound calibration to be surround among many other options to optimize the sound experience. It’s important to note that this bar can work with other Sonos equipment in case we want to amplify the bass or midrange with other of the many speakers of the brand.

Once this is done, we will have the possibility to add all our music services to the application so that we have Spotify or other services grouped in one application in case we want to use the bar as a speaker to listen to music not seriously to watch TV.

As far as the television is concerned, we only have to select the sound output in the optical output option and we will start to hear the sound bar perfectly with what is being displayed at that moment as a Netflix movie. If we want to control the sound bar with our TV remote control we can configure it in the application itself , not having to always use the smartphone to turn the sound up and down, which can be a bit tedious.

We have tested this sound bar with some streaming services on our Smart TV like HBO and Netflix to watch movies in high quality and the truth is that the sound has surprised us a lot , because it seems that we are in a cinema when the sound comes from the sides and the back. From the application itself we can select different options such as the possibility of improving the movie dialogues to be able to hear the whispers clearly, or activate a night mode that will make our bar improve the audio quality in this situation.

If we look at the technical characteristics, although we don’t have the data of the power of this sound bar, we can see that it incorporates six midrange speakers that are located on the right and left and are intended to reproduce the sound effects. To these are added three tweeters and nine amplifiers for the bass sounds . In order to have the most personal experience possible we can adjust each of these speakers to our preferences depending on the content we are playing.

All in all, this bar has caught our attention because of how well it works with our iOS and macOS devices by adding AirPlay support so we can easily send content, as well as having incredible sound quality. As we say, the investment in this bar is well worth it if you watch a lot of multimedia content or listen to a lot of music every day in your home as you certainly won’t regret it.

We currently find this sound bar on Amazon for 679 ? , i.e. with a 13% discount here. That’s why we think you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing offer if you want to have a real home theater.