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Sonic the Hedgehog, another iOS classic

Sonic the Hedgehog, a classic among classics that came from Sega to our homes more than 20 years ago. But a couple of years ago, Sega decided it was time for this game to make the leap to the iOS platform and bet that the legendary Sonic on the Mega Drive would be the first to reach Apple devices. Later on, the sequels of this game were also developed for the Bite Apple Mobile Platform. Without a doubt it is very faithful to the original and promises us good times of gameplay.

If a few weeks ago I was telling you about the classic Prince of Persia for iOS, this week I bring you another one of these: Sonic the Hedgehog (better known as Sonic ).

Sonic the Hedgehog, another iOS classicSonic the Hedgehog, another iOS classic

I remember that the first time I played this game was in a Sega Mega Drive , a video game console launched in Europe in 1990 and that had a Motorola 68000 CPU at 7.61 MHz 16 bits, descendant of the Sega Master System and progenitor of the Sega Saturn. What at that time seemed to us a bestiality, today is a piece of junk. But we’re not here to talk about old or new consoles. We are here to talk about the game of our section The Game of the Week, which as I said today will be Sonic .

If there’s a reason I especially liked this game it’s not because it was the best selling game (with 15 million copies sold), but because it was the first game I played and I really found it addictive.

A couple of years ago, Sega decided to give this game the jump to Apple’s iOS platform , and since then it’s been getting thousands of downloads and more than 10.000 reviews in the App Store. There’s a reason for this, don’t you think?

Is it like the original?

If someone asked me this question I would answer with a simple word: Yes. The game is exactly like the original, including the different levels we have to go through.

In this adventure we must accompany Sonic, our hedgehog, to destroy the evil Dr. Eggman, but on the way we must also release all the animals he has turned into robotic monsters.

Really good graphics and two game modes.

The game comes with two game modes : the typical arcade mode and the full screen mode. Of course, you must always use touch controls to control the character of Sonic .

The graphics are really accomplished , and imitate 100% of those of the already mentioned Sega Mega Drive. Furthermore, the game runs smoothly and without any tricks.

The controls and their response

As in any iOS application, the game controls are purely tactile and really comfortable, but in no way do they match the physical buttons and levers. However, works as smooth as you can imagine .

But despite this, I have to say that the Sega boys have managed to make good use of the tactile side of these devices.

The soundtrack: the original

And as it could not be missing in one of these games, the soundtrack that has been decided to use is neither more nor less than the original of the game , so the most nostalgic will spend great hours playing this great game (except for its controls, of course).

My opinion

Personally, it’s a game that I’ve loved, not only because of the way it’s played but also because of the simple fact that Sega brought this arcade game to the iOS platform. Also, the original soundtrack sounds really good, and the graphics are really good, so we can’t complain .

The game can be found for download in the App Store.

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