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Some users report audio problems with the new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro is giving Apple a lot of headaches, but above all to users who decided to buy a professional computer and from which there are a number of problems, although fortunately in a small number.

If we take a look at Reddit, we can see how some users are having certain problems with the speakers of the new professional response of Californians when they try to play any audio file.

Some users report audio problems with the new MacBook Pro
Some users report audio problems with the new MacBook Pro

After a few seconds, I’m starting to emit a strange sound , as a kind of transference that, of course, limits the user experience. The first hypothesis seems to be that it could be related to software and not to hardware, so it could be repaired by an upgrade. Although there is no official answer from Apple yet.

ADSLZONE colleagues have collected some videos from users who are reporting this series of problems. As we commented, the root of the problem is still unknown, where the first solutions go through rebooting the computer , although little time answers from the reboot, the problem persists again.

This issue is affecting users who own a 2018 MacBook Pro, both in version 13 and 15″ respectively. This is not a tasteful dish, especially after making such an investment, and one can be confident that everything will work correctly. Apple will surely find the flaw to this problem, where it will offer a solution sooner rather than later, as it did with the butterfly keyboard of the previous MacBook Pro.

For the moment we will have to keep waiting to find a solution to this problem related to the new MacBook Pro , although as we said and reiterated, it doesn’t seem to be a generalized or extended problem, although it is also true that little by little there are more users reporting this audio failure.

Have you experienced a similar problem with your MacBook Pro?