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some tricks you may not know about your windows in OS X

We have to admit that Mac OS X is a pretty friendly operating system. The transition for many users to this system, is at the very least simple. Does this mean we should stay on the surface? I don’t think so. Here are some tricks to increase your knowledge about the windows of our favorite cat.

If there’s one thing you have to deal with practically every day, it’s windows. OS X Lion offers us a lot of options to organize and display them, some clearly visible and some not so clearly. After the jump I will leave you some tips that will help you to organize your computers better.

Changing the size of the windows

some tricks you may not know about your windows in OS X
some tricks you may not know about your windows in OS X

As you know, Lion has made some changes in this regard, you no longer need to go to the bottom right corner to resize the windows. Now, from anywhere and by pressing the Option or Shift key as appropriate, we can change the opposite side or all four sides at once from a single position .

Maximizing a window in Mission Control

When we have activated Mission Control, if we place the cursor on a window we are interested in and press the space bar, it will be maximized . We can also do this by using the two finger up gesture on our trackpad .

Preventing restoration of windows from a previously closed application

OS X Lion gives us the possibility that, when we close an application and open it again, it will show us all the windows that we already had open. This can be very useful for some, the more organized ones, but it can be extremely annoying for those of us who work with many windows at the same time. So whether you want to opt in or not, you can find this function in System Preferences, General, in the part dedicated to Restore windows when closing and reopening applications .

Minimize multiple windows at the same time

If you’re as disorganized as I am, you might find that every once in a while, you have your desk full of windows that don’t let you work comfortably. Besides recommending the use of tabs (as long as the application allows it), you might be interested in this little trick. To minimize several windows of the same application at the same time, just press Alt+ minimize button , clarifying our work area. If we also want the effect to be something else cool , we just need to add the Shift key to the equation.

I hope these little tricks help you, we’ll be back next week with more tips or secrets to tell.

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