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Some things you’ll want to know about Mission Control

Mission Control is an OS X Lion utility that can be a great help when organizing. Several spaces, multiple desktops and the ability to move between them quickly, give us endless possibilities for our workflow. In this edition of this week’s trick you have four tips that can help you make the most of this option in your operating system.

At this point in the game, I assume that the vast majority know what Mission Control is. For those who have not yet tried to slide 4 fingers up on his trackpad, I leave the link where my partner Albert Frutos made a small Screencast, explaining briefly what is the Mission Control.

The priority of spaces

Some things you’ll want to know about Mission Control
Some things you’ll want to know about Mission Control

Mission Control has a quality that can be very useful in some cases, it automatically groups spaces according to their most recent use. If you’ve been using it for a while and haven’t noticed it bothering you, then great, this automatic way is the one that suits you best. It can also happen that you are like me, and like to have everything where you left it. If that’s the case you should do the following, go to system preferences and in the section dedicated to Mission control, uncheck the corresponding box.

Switch applications between spaces without leaving Mission Control

The most normal way to do this is to activate Mission Control, we change the space, once here we activate Mission Control again and drag the application to the new destination space. In spite of this, there is a faster way that allows us to do the same without leaving Mission Control, by pressing the Option key we will achieve that when selecting the new space with the pointer it will not take us out of Mission Control, being able to move the application in only one step.

Deleting desktops from Mission Control

This one is very simple, if we are in Mission Control and we want to eliminate some of the desktops that we have created we will only have to press the key Alt , adding this way a cross of closing to each one of the spaces, pressing it will eliminate the desk in question.

Change the wallpaper for each space

Doing this is not complicated at all, just open system preferences in each space, select a default image and repeat the process in all of them. If we want to save the step of opening and closing the preferences panel so many times, we just need to drag the system preferences window to each new space to make the background selection.

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