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Some suggestions for improving the Apple Maps application

If this week we were baiting Siri (always with constructive criticism), today it’s the turn of the most controversial application of the year. It is, of course, the Apple Maps. Indeed, that app that came to replace the fantastic Google maps , and that looked so good at first but gradually were showing their shortcomings.

To begin with, the Apple maps that come installed on iOS 6 have quite a few mapping errors that we have been discussing over the past few months . Outdated data, rivers in places that are not there, problems finding locations, … something that can be quite annoying if we are looking for directions. This can be solved by putting more money into mapping companies to improve their databases.

Some suggestions for improving the Apple Maps application
Some suggestions for improving the Apple Maps application

Secondly, we have that the images are not as neat as those on Google Maps . Not surprisingly, the competition has been improving their mapping system for the last seven years, so it is normal for this type of inconvenience to occur at first. The main problems that appear are clouds and shadowy areas that prevent you from getting your bearings clearly.

Also, it would be nice if an offline mode was polished (currently it seems to support up to some zoom, but surely due to a bug in the application). This is something that Google Maps doesn’t support with too much quality, so it would be a way to stand out from the competition.

Last but not least, they should improve their database of restaurants, transport and shops , which is the main asset that Google maps have to boast about how useful they are. The truth is that this database will grow little by little, but for now they are not comparable.

What do you think of Apple Maps? Can you think of other improvements to the iOS 6 mapping system?

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