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Some strategies used by Steve Jobs to achieve his goals

Steve Jobs was a visionary person, he achieved everything he set out to do and was able to stand up to adversity again and again.

To achieve all his objectives he had to make his subordinates believe that it was completely feasible to carry out one of his proposals, even when the engineers claimed that it was not possible.

Some strategies used by Steve Jobs to achieve his goals
Some strategies used by Steve Jobs to achieve his goals

One of the most striking curiosities is the iPod prototype . Steve wanted a device as small as possible, he rejected all proposals he received. One of the occasions, the engineers already had all the possible answers ready to convince Jobs that it was materially impossible.

Steve took the iPod, gave the order to make it smaller, and before the audience could argue with him, he threw the iPod into a fishbowl and added it: “Can you see the bubbles? That’s because it contains air and the air is because there is space left over, so make it smaller” . Reason was right and finally the iPod got a design that fit perfectly in a jeans pocket.

Steve Jobs at the presentation of the first iPod

As you remember in Direct Marketing, Steve was a very persuasive person to achieve his goals. A person in that position can rarely give in to the opinions of his closest work circle. You probably know the famous “field of reality distortion” that Steve used to convince all the staff of his ideas.

In addition, Jobs had other weapons to combat his ideas, from being too honest, to changing his mind without being appreciated or using flattery to achieve the desired purpose. Each of them requires tremendous will power .

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The honesty is another point that he constantly reinforced, if something didn’t please him, he didn’t beat around the bush, he said it no matter what the consequences or “what they will say”. This point is interesting because it put the right direction of the company and of the products it offered to the customers in front of what they might think of it.

To change your mind or rectify is wise, so the saying goes, but like everything the California company brought to light, Steve did the same with his opinions. His opinions could vary by accepting his team’s proposals, but taking a turn that made him believe that the idea was really his own. Eventually he convinced (or he thought he convinced) the rest of the team members.

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There’s a pretty good saying: “You correct in private and congratulate in public.” Steve didn’t see it that way, at least he didn’t show it with that kind of impetus, he did just the opposite with people he admired and with those he despised. He basically used compliments when it suited him (or the company), even if that person was despicable to him and showed his less than friendly side to those he really cared about.

These are just some of the curiosities of Steve Jobs , a person who changed the world thanks to his vision and his persuasion to achieve his goals, . An achievement that many are not willing to go through for different reasons (and which is understandable). But Steve Jobs was made of different stuff.

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