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Some steps to follow if your Bluetooth devices give you problems


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Some steps to follow if your Bluetooth devices give you problems
Some steps to follow if your Bluetooth devices give you problems


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Over the past few months I have had the misfortune to have problems with the Bluetooth connection on my Mac . Both the trackpad and the wireless keyboard were disconnecting and connecting by themselves, entering a loop that spoiled the communication between devices when they were most needed.

We are going to list a series of guidelines that may help you if you are faced with the same situation that I was faced with and you may end up discovering possible reasons for your problem and therefore end up finding the solution.

  • The first, the simplest, but still so obvious that we can overlook it. Checking the battery level, a low battery level can lead to intermittent disconnections of our device.
  • If even with the newly changed battery, the device still gives problems, try restarting the Bluetooth module. To do this, from the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, disable the module. Wait for it to do so and then turn it back on.
  • It is also advisable to reboot the device in question. Press and hold the power button until it starts flashing and then turn it off (about three seconds). Then turn the device back on by pressing its power button.
  • Do you have an iPad nearby? Make sure the keyboard isn’t linking up. If it does, it will stop working with your Mac. You’ll notice this because the screen turns on by itself when it’s linked. Disable Bluetooth on your iPad while you’re working on your Mac, or just keep iPad away.
  • If all this doesn’t work, either your device is defective, or you have electronic interference that impairs communication between the devices. Check that there are no electronic devices nearby that could interfere.