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Some reasons why Apple might reject your application

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You’ve just started programming your first application, you’re consulting the documentation, style guides and ways to do everything that’s on your mind. But you may inadvertently run the risk of being thrown out by Apple.

In Venturebeat they publish 9 reasons why Apple can reject your application. Reasons that may seem a bit absurd but better to know and avoid delays with the release.

  1. Don’t use the word Beta, it might indicate that it’s unfinished.
  2. It should start quickly, but in no case should it exceed 15 seconds.
  3. No use of payment systems that are not based on the In-App Purchase system itself.
  4. Even with the Android or Windows Phone version, do not mention it either within the application or in the description of the App Store.
  5. Your application will be able to travel the world. You should avoid formatting problems depending on the location such as price in euros or dollars, coordinates on a map,…
Some reasons why Apple might reject your application
Some reasons why Apple might reject your application

These are only the first five reasons they give. The rest can be seen on the website of Venturebeat. These are tips that are sure to come in handy for those of you who are just starting out in iOS programming.

Then, for those who find your application through Google, Bing or Yahoo among other search engines, it is not bad to know how to create the website that presents it. To do this, although it has been published for some time there are ideas that are still valid, five keys to designing a good website on your application. And of course, you can consult Genbeta Dev where you are sure to find interesting information.


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