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Some iPhone XS and XS Max cannot be loaded normally

Cómo hacer una captura de pantalla en el iPhone XS y iPhone XS Max

Por ahora, tendremos que esperar a que Apple ofrezca una solución a los usuarios, probablemente en forma de actualización de software , para resolver este error. En cualquier caso, podéis ayudar a la compañía a encontrar más rápido el problema contactando al servicio técnico, que puede usar los datos de diagnóstico de las unidades afectadas.

Some iPhone XS and XS Max cannot be loaded normally
Some iPhone XS and XS Max cannot be loaded normally

It seems that with only two weeks on the market, some of the users of the new iPhone XS and XS Max are already beginning to experience battery issues. It seems that users have started to report the existence of a bug that prevents the iPhone from charging while the screen is off . The worst thing is, this error could have started to appear in other older devices.

As we mentioned, this problem manifests itself in some devices when connected to a charger, regardless of whether it is official or not. In some extreme cases, the phones stop responding completely , although normally it is only necessary to activate the screen to start charging. This problem has been shown by one of the most relevant technology channels on YouTube, Unbox Therapy, with quite negative results showing the relevance of the problem.

After that, users have started speculating about possible causes for the error, indicating that it could be a problem related to one of the features that iOS 11.4.1 introduced to protect the Lightning port after a blocked hour. However, disabling this function does not appear to be solving the problem , so this cause has been ruled out. It also doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue, as it seems to affect older iPhone and iPad models as well.

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