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Some iPhone 7 microphones may need to be repaired

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Apple has sent an internal communication to its Authorized Centers (Premium Resellers among them) with a problem that they consider to be isolated to very few cases. Apparently iOS 11.3 is causing the microphones on some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to stop working properly .

Some iPhone 7 microphones may need to be repairedSome iPhone 7 microphones may need to be repaired

Specifically, the component is no longer available in calls, with its icon appearing in grey within the interface of a telephone conversation. The statement, which they have achieved in both MacRumors and 9to5Mac, tells experts to try a diagnosis if they come across an iPhone 7 that has this problem.

If errors still occur after this diagnosis, the service department of the authorised centre can “repair” the terminal. It is not clear whether this repair would be free of charge even if the device is out of warranty, so do not take it for granted .

If the problem occurs in enough terminals, Apple may initiate a repair program. This is not currently the case, and only 7 and 7 Plus models are affected. If you are unlucky enough to experience this issue, the best thing to do is contact Apple or one of its Premium Resellers.

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