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Some free applications for creating music with the iPad

If there’s one thing that makes our iPad special, it’s the ease with which it can do just about anything. Today we’re going to talk about free applications to create music . Ideal for all those restless people who like to create and want to encourage them to create music.

Shiny Drum: It works like a digital pad kit , 12 per screen, with different sounds and possibility of polyphony. Ideal to exercise the fingers and create rhythms in a physical and direct way.

Some free applications for creating music with the iPad
Some free applications for creating music with the iPad

Pattern Music: Starting from an approach that fleetingly reminds us of reactable, Pattern Music allows us to create sound patterns with octave changes, we can choose from 50 instruments, scales, tempos, etc.

Soundrop: It allows us to draw lines and see how music is generated through them. With an operation based on Touch and drag , it allows the sound panning and different effects.

Music Tool Light: MusicTool lite is the free version of the classic Music Tool. From this we can run both scales and related chords from the synth and define sequences. Perfect for planning accompaniments and arrangements.

BeatWave: Beatwave offers a wide range of instruments and various mixing modes, all wrapped up in a spectacular visual interface that allows the visual creation of themes .

And you, do you know of any App to create music that you want to highlight?

Do you know complete free music apps? Tell us about them.

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