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Some details you may not have known about Siri

Siri, one of the new features of the new iPhone 4S is causing a furore on the web because of its great capabilities. But not everything is good around our new personal assistant. In AppleSupportPhoneNumber we tell you some details that maybe you didn’t know about Siri and that may not make it so good at all.

Two weeks after the presentation of the iPhone 4S, what continues to surprise us most is the new speech recognition system with personal assistant that Apple has equipped it with. In AppleSupportPhoneNumber we already made a small summary of what it was about and mentioned its main features.

Some details you may not have known about SiriSome details you may not have known about Siri

Last Friday, the iPhone 4S was finally on sale in the USA , and obviously, everyone wanted to know how far the new Cupertino’s assistant goes. Of course, Siri has surprised many of those who have tried it out, even testing it with some very tough questions. But not everything was going to be perfect. Siri has her faults . And many of them may be because of Apple itself. One of them, for example, may be that those details that border on the genius provided by the messages in English may be completely degraded when tested in other languages, as has already happened in the French language, which does not respond in the same way as in the English language.

It’s not all there, though. Siri works only when we have an available connection . There is no way to make it work locally, because all the information goes through Apple’s servers , hence the little space it takes in our terminal and it only has to host the voice recognition data; the rest will be handled by the North Carolina datacenter that will process the data, data that is not even audio files, but rather the words we have said to the phone transcribed. Perhaps, many people may think that an assistant that works like this does not rent to many people , who may want to give orders in places with little coverage, like the Metro, for example. But there are two positive aspects to this decision. One of them is the space ; imagine the amount of GB that could be occupied by all the languages that are waiting to be launched in the future (in addition to the already present ones, English, German and French). On the other hand, the fact that Siri is on Apple’s servers may allow it to be remotely updated , without having to wait for any system updates.

Another remarkable detail is that Apple made it very clear that devices not carrying the A5 chip in their hardware would not be compatible with Siri . The curious thing is that within that range of devices with the A5 also would enter the iPad 2 , but it seems that Apple has not yet decided to implement in it our beloved new assistant. Moreover, with the great performance that both the iPad and the iPhone 4 have, many people wonder how Apple could have been able to not integrate it together with iOS 5 . Personally, I think the reason for this is that then the iPhone 4S would have nothing to contribute compared to its predecessor in terms of new features.

Of course, Apple claims that on a iPhone 4 it is not possible to run Siri , as this requires a large CPU processing , which the dual-core 4S solves without problems, but recent attempts to port Siri to the iPhone 4, have managed to demonstrate that performance is completely optimal , although of course, can not connect to official Apple servers.

As we can see, Siri can be a great tool , but it has some details behind it that can make have its detractors perfectly . We will have to see how it gets to Spain when early next year the Spanish language is implemented , hopefully better than the first tests with French and German.

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