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Some Alternative Apps to WhatsApp After Being Purchased by Facebook

Many WhatsApp users are concerned about their data after Facebook purchases the service

Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp has left no one untouched . Without going any further, this weekend, the first one after the announcement, the instant messaging application left thousands of users unable to communicate because of a service interruption of several hours and social networks smoked blaming Facebook for this fall (although it probably had nothing to do with it).

All those users who could not use WhatsApp, saw the moment to switch to Telegram , the new rival to the popular application, which also suffered a collapse due to the number of smartphone users who started using its services due to the fall of WhatsApp.

Some Alternative Apps to WhatsApp After Being Purchased by Facebook
Some Alternative Apps to WhatsApp After Being Purchased by Facebook

Apart from the service cuts and other technical problems, there is the situation that you don’t want your data to be held by Facebook . This is where the need to find a replacement for WhatsApp comes in and try to get contacts to migrate to these options. Here is a summary of some of the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp at the moment.


This alternative is available to all users of iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch who have downloaded a version higher than iOS 6 , or also with a Mac with OSX Mountain Lion or higher. This option of the Apple operating system does not require installation, only that you configure its activation in settings.

Send text, photos, and videos from your iDevice to other iOS users. You can also continue your conversation regardless of the device you’re using because you can change it without missing a beat. The main drawback is that it is not cross-platform and we will not be able to communicate with our friends who use Android or other operating systems.


This application has appeared in the App Store relatively recently. It claims that is much more secure than WhatsApp and other messaging apps . It is free and for the time being its developers say that this will remain the case forever.

With this application the limits for sending images or videos and participants in groups, are extended so that you don’t have any problems while using it .

BlackBerry Menssenger (BBM)

This service is no longer exclusive to BlackBerry branded phones , and now just by registering, you can talk to all Canadian branded smartphones and all those that have it installed on their mobile: whether it is iOS or Android, the main mobile operating systems of the moment.

It offers the same services as any instant messaging application, i.e. the ability to send photos, videos and talk in a group. In addition incorporates voice and video calls .


We could say that it was the instant messaging application that first became known as an alternative to WhatsApp . With the same services as it, it also gave the possibility of chatting from the computer without having to remove the application from the mobile phone and sending fun and large stickers that became very popular for a while.

Besides having the instant messaging service, LINE offers other services to its users , such as games or photo retouching applications.


This could be the video call application par excellence . Who hasn’t heard about it when he has known that someone was far away from his family and has made video calls in order to hear about it and see his face.

In addition to this service, Skype also incorporates the possibility of chat and VoIP calls , so you can talk without spending minutes of the tariff, although you do spend megabytes, besides checking that this is compatible with the tariff of the company you are in.

Google Hangouts

This is the alternative to Google’s WhatsApp. In addition to the traditional single and group IM service it adds a host of other options . You can install it on almost any smartphone and use it from your Mac or computer.

It supports text, video, photos… as well as audio and video calls. In addition you can make group video calls and see the faces of several friends at once.

What’s your alternative?

Tell us in the comments which application you use , other than WhatsApp, so that you can keep in touch with your friends via instant messaging, and which is not in this small selection.

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