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Solves the blue eyelash problem of Chrome 25

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser today. That’s why Google is constantly updating it with new features that improve its performance. However, the latest update to version 25 has brought an issue with the colour of inactive tabs under the arm, and with this trick we show you how to get rid of the blue tabs.

Google Chrome updates are probably not something you pay too much attention to. The browser downloads the updates in the background and updates itself every time we restart it , almost without us noticing.

Solves the blue eyelash problem of Chrome 25
Solves the blue eyelash problem of Chrome 25

Changes to the interface are practically non-existent, and the new features are internal , which will only be appreciated by those who follow the browser’s update history. For the average person, Chrome is an amazing browser – probably the best in its class – that just works.

However, with the update to version 25, in addition to the official changes made by Google, many users have suffered a problem, which is more than just a visual nuisance. Until now, inactive tabs were grayed out , like the rest of the interface, and only the active tab was shown in a lighter gray .

Now, since the last update, some users have experienced inactive tabs turning blue for no apparent reason , even thinking it was a new Google decision. But no, the bug is isolated and does not affect everyone equally.

It has nothing to do with whether we have themes installed or not. I’ve been using Chrome’s default theme for years and suffered from blue tabs. But here’s how to fix it :

  1. If you didn’t have any themes installed, go to Preferences , and click the Get Themes button to download any theme from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Once the theme is applied, click on the Reset Default Theme button from the same Preferences screen.

If everything went well, you should have recovered the inactive grey eyelashes . At least, I managed to do so. And you, have you suffered from blue eyelashes?

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