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Solve the problem of iPhone connectivity with these tips

Apple is leaving us a very bad taste with the problem of internet loss when we are connected to our data network in third party applications. This problem was initially reported in iOS 12.1.1, and is still present in iOS 12.1.2. Obviously this is a severe problem that prevents us from using certain third-party applications optimally if we are not connected to a WiFi network.

This problem started initially in Turkey and in the iOS 12.1.2 update notes it was clearly detailed that it was solved, but then it started to emerge again in many countries so it is not a problem located in a single region.

Solve the problem of iPhone connectivity with these tips
Solve the problem of iPhone connectivity with these tips

Many readers have reported on social networks and in the comment box that when you are connected to your mobile data some applications stop working informing you that you have no internet connection. In order to solve this problem until Cupertino’s company releases iOS 12.1.3 to fix it, some users have found a way to alleviate this problem as reported by our colleagues at MovilZona.

In order to solve this problem you should follow the following tips:

  • Go to Phone Settings and disable WiFi calls if available. Remember that depending on the phone company you have, this option will not be available
  • Go to Settings , Mobile Data and access the LTE menu and check the “Voice and Data” option. As in the previous point, depending on your operator you may not have this option in your iPhone Settings.

As we say these are tips that you can try to apply on your iPhone if you have these problems related to mobile data connectivity. We hope that in a few days from Apple a new update will be released, which have left this problem a bit abandoned or simply do not know at the moment how to solve it.

When this problem is completely solved we recommend you to back up this small patch we told you about today to avoid having a bad experience with your data connectivity when this problem is solved in the next weeks.

As mentioned above you may not be able to apply this solution on your iPhone due to the phone company you have contracted with for the line, as some do not enable these options.

Leave us in the comment box if you are suffering from this problem on your iPhone.

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