sodes is a new podcast player that focuses on what matters most: playing podcasts smoothly

a player that tries to return to simplicity .

‘sodes is not for users who regularly listen to podcasts or subscribe to many. Here a server with currently 118 podcasts for example would not be able to manage them comfortably with ‘sodes. However, if you listen to podcasts from time to time or are subscribed to only a few, this is an ideal app for you. You don’t have to do an account, you don’t have to watch for episodes to download or wait for them to download, you just have to choose your favorite podcast and play it.

sodes is a new podcast player that focuses on what matters most: playing podcasts smoothly
sodes is a new podcast player that focuses on what matters most: playing podcasts smoothly

sodes is a stylish podcast player that also seeks to define the different usage of a type of app such as podcast players . Does this sound familiar? You may remember Unread, one of the nicest RSS readers that ever existed in the App Store. Unread was created by Jared Sinclair and was a different RSS reader, for casual readers. And indeed, ‘sodes is a podcast player for casual listeners also developed by Jared Sinclair. According to the creator, this is why he developed ‘sodes:

‘sodes has a total of three themes that we can change by sliding two fingers down.

The application has almost giant interface elements. This is deliberate, because there is only what is needed to quickly play a podcast . The little we can customize the interface is the theme, which can vary from normal, dark and a reddish sepia to my extremely irritating.

But what is most shocking is that you can’t manage almost all the podcasts you listen to. For example, when you subscribe to a podcast (which you don’t actually subscribe to, but add to your favorites), recent episodes are not downloaded. You don’t have a playlist or a pending list, you can’t create smart lists, you can’t add episodes as favorites… To make an analogy, is like Netflix versus a download manager and movie and series player . While in the last one you have to worry about organizing everything and updating it in the other one you enter and play what you want through streaming.

Favorite podcast screens, details of a particular podcast, and podcast search

The player itself is shown in a card design similar to that of Apple Music and offers various controls and options. We can go forward or backward several seconds, change the playback speed from 0.5x to 2.0x, share the episode, view the episode details on the web and… little else, there’s no clever skipping of silences or audio enhancements.

‘sodes is available on the App Store and is priced at 3.49 euros. It is not an alternative to Overcast, Pocket Casts, UCast or Castro for example, it is a different concept for people with different needs. If you are one of those who listen to the occasional podcast (let’s say The Apple Talks), this app is for you.

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