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So you can find the best wallpapers for your iPhone

Anima tu fondo de pantalla con esta selección de wallpapers a todo color

De cualquier forma, cada semana podréis seguir disfrutando en iPadizate de las mejores colecciones temáticas , como la última que os hemos traido en la que el agua se convierte en la protagonista de nuestras pantallas. La fuerza de las olas, la luz reflejada en este creando patrones increíblemente bellos, perfectos para deslumbrar a todos los que puedan verlo en la magnífica pantalla Super Retina del iPhone X.

So you can find the best wallpapers for your iPhone
So you can find the best wallpapers for your iPhone

For quite some time now, at iPadizate we have brought you many collections of the most interesting wallpapers with which you have been able to uniquely personalize your terminals. However, many times we are left with the desire for something more, or simply we would like to be able to access new collections on specific topics , and for that reason, we bring you this small article with which you can discover some interesting places to discover them.

Although customization applications are not exactly the most abundant in iOS, something that has always differentiated this operating system from its great competitor, there are some that are worthwhile. Among them is Clarity Wallpaper, which not only allows us to create different backgrounds with effects from our own photographs, but we can also access a gallery in which the community uploads its own creations in the purest Instagram style.

In addition, we also have at our disposal collections created by artists and graphic designers from all over the world, such as this Dribbble platform user called AR72014. This user not only uploads different photographic compositions with his iPhone and the environment, but uses these to show the backgrounds created by him , which are available for download for those who wish.

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