so you can create lists within lists

Llevas usando mal tu iPhone toda la vida: así se mueven aplicaciones

Como ves el proceso es bastante sencillo y te ayudará a tener las listas bien organizadas y de forma mucho más rápida podrás localizar los elementos para marcarlos como completados. Y por último ten en cuenta que debes deslizar rápido hacia la derecha , si mantienes pulsado comenzará a seleccionarse el texto.

so you can create lists within lists
so you can create lists within lists

No es fácil encontrar este tipo de trucos escondidos en iOS ya que no suelen ser abundantes, si quieres conocer muchos más te recomendamos que te pases por nuestra sección de trucos, tenemos ajustes para usuarios principiantes y trucos para los más avanzados, no deberías perdértelos.

Finding tricks in iOS that are not well known and remain secret is becoming increasingly difficult because almost everyone has already shown them at some point. It’s true that when Apple introduces new systems like iOS 14, something we already know will happen on June 22nd, they come loaded with new features and little tricks, but once a while has passed it’s very difficult to find new ones. And that is what we bring you today, a new trick that at least we didn’t know until now .

For a long time the iPhone or iPad Notes app has been a very good option among this type of apps, we can create tables, write with our finger or the Apple Pencil, change the font, insert photos and create task lists. These lists have a circle on the left side that we can mark as we complete the tasks we have created. So far everything is normal, but what we didn’t know is that we can make sublists -and sublists of sublists- that can be very useful in certain occasions.

Lists viewed in this way can be much more productive and useful , and we’ll show you how you can create them. It’s very simple.

Whether you are creating a shopping list or a list for a trip, having lists within lists can be very useful. For example you can organize your shopping list by type of food, or plan a trip with what you have to do every day . There are many possibilities and nested lists can help us a lot.

These types of lists can be easily created when you have a keyboard with the tab , but what you don’t know is that you can also do it by touching the screen of your iOS device, just do this:

  • Go to the Notes app and create a new one.
  • If you don’t see the tools, click on the “+”.
  • Now touch the third icon which is the one that creates lists.
  • Add the first item in your list and press enter.
  • A second line will appear, type in the second item.
  • To nest it to the first one, just slide the second item in the list to the right.
  • By pressing enter you will automatically continue in that same sublist.
  • You can add more sublists by simply sliding and pressing enter several times will move you backwards.


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