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So you can clean out your Apple Music library and start from scratch

Sometimes the best way to fix a persistent error is to start from scratch. Apple devices are generally less maintenance-intensive than other platforms, but it’s a good idea to know the tricks for making a tabula rasa if you have a difficult problem to solve.

Let’s see how we can clean up our Apple Music library and start from scratch. This is one of the most effective ways to correct the most persistent errors of this Apple service (labeling, cover art, etc.). Something that can be very annoying if you have a considerable library.

First things first: backup

If you are determined to make big changes on one of your devices, the best thing you can do is always back it up . That way, if something goes wrong or you simply want to reverse the changes, you won’t lose anything along the way. This is how you can do it on your different devices:

  • Mac: Using Time Machine and connected to an external hard drive, this app, which comes standard on every Mac, will make an exact copy of your computer. If you’re short on files, you can save them to a USB drive or cloud service manually.
  • iOS: On both iPhone and iPad, you can back up to iCloud (as long as you have space) when you’re connected to a WiFi network. Or connect to a Mac or PC and back up from iTunes.

It is important that you make the backup as close as possible to the time you make the changes . This way, you will hardly lose any data if you decide to go back and leave your Apple Music library as it was.

IMPORTANT : if you update the operating system of your device after the backup, you will not be able to restore the backup later. However, if you have saved your files manually, you will not have any problem if you upgrade.

Steps to clean up and start from scratch your Apple Music library

Now that we have our data secured, it’s time to drop the “bomb”. Here are the steps to follow:

Cinco maneras de conseguir una suscripción a Apple Music más barata.

In iOS, go to Settings ; Apple Music ; Activate iCloud Music Library.

  • On a Mac, go to iTunes ; Preferences ; General tab ; Activate iCloud Music Library.
  • On a PC with iTunes , Preferences , Activate iCloud Music Library in the General tab. Select “replace” when asked what you want to do with your current library.
  • It’s the closest thing to “turning your router on and off” when you don’t have the Internet. With this, you should fix most of the tagging errors in the songs in your music library. If you also want to reset the music tastes you chose when you signed up for Apple Music, you can take a look at the tutorial we saw a few days ago.

    So you can clean out your Apple Music library and start from scratchSo you can clean out your Apple Music library and start from scratch

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