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so you can carry your license on your smartphone

For months we have known that the Traffic Department was working on an application from which we could carry our driving licence on our smartphone. At the beginning of the year this app arrived at the App Store in a limited way and it seems that the tests have gone well because myDGT has just been published again and all users can download it .

The application is available for download from both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. The main function of this app is to carry the driving license directly on our device, either an iPhone or an Android , but also incorporates other functions such as information about our car or the points we have left on our driving license.

so you can carry your license on your smartphone
so you can carry your license on your smartphone

If you want to carry your driver’s license on your iPhone, here are the steps to follow. First, as usual, is download the official app from the Dirección General de Tráfico miDGT. In addition, with the app you will not only be able to carry your driving licence, but also your vehicle documentation in digital format.

Then we must identify ourselves, for this process the app miDGT uses the Cl@ve system of identification in the Public Administration . This is an electronic identity for the Public Administration that allows us to carry out certain procedures online, and is necessary to enter the miDGT app. If you want to get your Cl@ve you must visit this link in which they will give you all the necessary information or download their official app.

When we are officially identified, we will be able to access all the data on our driving licence in its digital version. We will have a QR code with our license so that the authorities can read it if they ask for it, the points we have left and much more information in case we have one or more vehicles in our name.

This information can be found in the section called My vehicle , and we can see a lot of data about our car:

  • Environmental label.
  • Permission to drive.
  • See if you have the MOT in force and its expiration date.
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Make and model of car.
  • Fuel used, cylinder capacity and chassis number
  • Date of first registration.
  • Insurance company and expiry date.
  • Ownership of the vehicle.

Soon, new functionalities will be incorporated such as notices and penalty payments, purchase of fees, appointment request in our offices or the main procedures related to your permits and vehicles. And remember that at the moment you must continue to carry your documentation or that of your vehicle in physical format , however, the DGT will soon approve a new regulation that will allow you to carry only the App and forget about the rest of your papers.

This is a step forward and good news, soon we will only need our smartphone to carry all the necessary papers and permits to drive . Let’s hope that administrations continue to evolve and allow more of these types of applications.

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