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So was the bomb threat at an Apple store in Sydney

Lately, the Apple Store around the world is becoming the protagonist of illegal events. For example, less than a week ago there was a robbery at the Apple Store in Sol, and this week it’s the turn of an Australian Apple Store. What happened in Sydney?

A few days ago, the Apple Store located in Sydney’s central business district was evacuated. At first, the reason for the evacuation was not detailed, but hours later the reason was confirmed: possible bomb threat .

So was the bomb threat at an Apple store in SydneySo was the bomb threat at an Apple store in Sydney

The police action was imminent , and it was not for nothing, since there was danger of a possible terrorist attack. All three floors of the Apple Store were evacuated, and a security perimeter was created, forcing some traffic to be diverted from the area, as was reported in one part of the country.

The police acted in an orderly and peaceful manner so as not to create panic among customers in the vicinity of the store. Although at first many people thought it was a simulation, in the end it was not.

As expected, social networks echoed the news , and many photos were published about the situation in the affected area. Luckily, it was only a simple threat, and after fully and carefully tracking down the establishment, the Apple Store was opened to the public a few hours later . Everything was a scare.