so the next iMac can be

After Apple made that unusual move to bring forward some news about the professional range of Macs, rumours began to appear about the details of the work being done on Cupertino. Specifically about iMac , which many of you are waiting for a renewal.

From a blog called Pike’s Universum (reflected by MacRumors) comes the data, through a source that ” is usually very accurate “. And what this source has said is that the next iMac could carry Intel Xeon E3 processors (specifically the E3-1285 v6), which would raise the computer to a truly professional performance. The source blog may not ring a bell, but it’s been right on specific Mac rumours in the past.

An “iMac Pro”, and this time a real Pro

so the next iMac can be
so the next iMac can be

Those processors are yet to come out, but it is already known that they would integrate Intel’s P630 graphics. We could also see these new iMacs with 16, 32 or even 64 GB of RAM , although it is not clear if it will be DDR3 or DDR4. As for storage, we would see SSDs of up to 2 TB capacity that would use NVM Express technology.

Dedicated graphics would be handled by AMD , and although there are no specific card models, they would seem to give the iMac enough power to run virtual reality applications and games. And, of course, the iMac will have Thunderbolt 3 connections in the form of a USB-C. It looks like you’ll be saying goodbye to traditional desktop USBs in a few months.

We would have a new Magic Keyboard (perhaps with a Touch Bar) and the successor to the Sierra macOS pre-installed in the new iMac

There’s more: the new iMac will come with a new keyboard , although it’s not said if the above mentioned will have a Touch bar as some recent rumors claim. And all this for when? According to the source, it would be the end of October, in time for the computer to come with the successor to the Sierra Males installed. It seems that Apple’s marketing team is considering two names, and one of them would start with the letter M. MacRumors reminds us that the company already has the name Monterey registered, an area that is a little south of Silicon Valley.

8K screen and a “not so mini” Mac mini

The source also reports that the screen Apple is preparing for next year’s Mac Pro will be 8K , something that would blow up the 4K or 5K monitors being sold right now and makes me wonder if we’ll ever see an iMac 8K. So far the only screen with this amount of pixels we have seen in DELL, and its price is too prohibitive today.

As for Mac mini, it could become “not so mini” in the top models. That can be taken literally with a model that increases in size, or simply its technical specifications would raise the bar a bit so that it doesn’t look like a low-performance Mac.

A good deal of data, no doubt. But for the moment, as Apple itself has assured us, these are things that will take many months to see. Let’s just relax and keep waiting.

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