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So I recorded and edited a video with Apple Clips in less than 5 minutes

In a turbulent week for the Mac Pro, there was also room for some good news. Apple was finally releasing Clips, an app for video recording and editing on the iPhone and iPad. Our colleague Ericka Duarte was testing it thoroughly and during this weekend I did my own tests. Before going into detail, I think we are in front of one of the tests that certify that Apple continues doing what it does best: making simple what is complex .

A single app for recording and editing memorable videos

The video you see above is the result of five minutes of recording and editing. All in one app, on one device and without exporting to a Mac to make adjustments . But the most interesting thing is the level that a simple home video can reach thanks to the filters, clipping and transitions that can be added.

So I recorded and edited a video with Apple Clips in less than 5 minutes
So I recorded and edited a video with Apple Clips in less than 5 minutes

I find the integration between recording and camera very useful, which is much more convenient when creating a video. You can use videos from your gallery, but that means searching through it until you find what you want. This is a good feature for making videos in the future, but Clips is more focused on the present .

In social networks, short and fast videos usually have the most impact. Clips do their part to help us make this happen

Each clip you record with the app stays in its own gallery and does not invade the iOS Photo Gallery. They are grouped by project so you can have several at the same time and not mix them up. All this is very good, but what really stands out in Clips is the ease of editing . Being able to move clips around by dragging with your finger, shorten them by tenths of a second and customize them. Here are some of the things and tricks that I learned over the weekend:

One function that does not appear in the above video is capturing what we say and placing it as if it were subtitles . In my tests it works well and it’s actually quite impressive, with the downside that the sound has to be clear and without noise around you (a barking dog, for example). Another defect: if you have the iPhone in English, it will only detect what you say in this language.

To take advantage of it you will have to change the language of your device. Here it would be good if it detected it automatically, hopefully Apple will fix this in future versions. And by the way, change the app icon . It looks too much like the one in FaceTime.

Clips is the true heir of iMovie in iOS

As many of you know, iMovie has been on the iPhone and iPad for several years. In fact, it was one of the key moments of the presentation of the iPad 2, the last event in which we saw a keynote from Steve Jobs on stage . Some time ago I analyzed this version on the iPhone with an identical character and story, so I can say this: using Clips on the iPhone is much easier and funnier.

Clips, la nueva app de Apple para crear vídeos originales en iOS.

By focusing on the recording of live situations and not past events, the concept changes completely. It imports the here and now, making the whole process of recording and editing much more affordable for the beginner. It still has some things to polish up and options to add , but in its current state it is a blunt version of creative software on a mobile platform.

To paraphrase the Senator, Apple could be extremely social with the army of millions of users who use its devices. It is interesting to see how after successive fiascos with Ping and the withdrawal of Connect , Apple tries again to have something to say in social networks, but from a different approach: that of the creation of singular content.

It will be difficult to win positions here, especially when you are fighting against apps that have the integrated edition already. Here, as always, the one closest to the user wins . Clips is Apple’s wedge to keep its relevance in social networks and not simply be the company that has a smartphone running Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The iPhone will not depend on the success of Clips, but it will be one more reason to be an iOS user. And that’s important.

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