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Snow Leopard may affect the batteries in some MacBook Pro

In this case I’m reporting a Snow Leopard problem I experienced myself with my MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro 4.1 model, from

late early 2008, they were not yet unibody, with multitouch trackpad, Penryn at 2.5GHz). You’ll see there is a discussion forum open at Apple Support about this issue and some users affected by the same problem: after upgrading their MacBook Pros to Snow Leopard , a message appeared on the battery meter (or in the Power Saver preference pane) telling us that the battery needs to be repaired.

Snow Leopard may affect the batteries in some MacBook Pro
Snow Leopard may affect the batteries in some MacBook Pro

The help message is a bit cryptic, but it says that we have to go through a specialized point of Apple to change it because it works badly. In the extended post we review all the points of view on the subject, and of course below are the comments to leave your opinion.

The way I see it, that in those 2008 MacBook Pro models there’s a battery malfunction with Snow Leopard is evident, but what’s not known is if it only affects a particular set of batteries or is something more widespread. There is also a debate about whether the problem is with the software (that SL doesn’t interpret the battery status messages correctly and “thinks” that the battery isn’t working normally) or if with the change of some drivers the hardware may have been affected (that is, with the system change, something has happened with the drivers and they cause the batteries to die or malfunction). For those affected by the problem, we have the Apple discussion forum that I mentioned and those who are affected by the problem and have the Apple Care , is a great excuse for Apple to replace your battery with a new one (although it is not guaranteed that this is a solution).

In TUAW , the vision that gives the editor that echoes the news is that under Leopard, there is a very concrete site to check the condition of the battery (go to the System Profile utility and in the section of Power check it) and that many people do not know, then according to his theory these people that now we are complaining we do it because already having the battery broken now when updating to SL is when we have realized since in this one appears the message when clicking in the load meter. Well, I don’t share this opinion at all, but it’s a possibility like any other that hasn’t been proved for the moment.

At the moment, the only option that seems viable apparently to make the message disappear is to reinstall Leopard , but there are already some who have tried it and according to the messages they say it doesn’t appear but the battery has a quite erratic behavior. Some options have been evaluated to correct the problem like doing a SMC reset, booting to 64 bits or recalibrating the battery but none of them seem to work correctly. I have tried to install the Leopard PowerManagement files, with which you do not get error messages but the remedy is worse than the disease, with those files we can no longer measure the battery in SL (there is no possibility to see the charge status or the meter in the menu bar).

Mi propia experiencia tras instlar el “gatito congelado”

If you have the same problem, open a comment in Apple Support and see if the solution, whatever it is, is not too much.

The truth is that there is some strange behavior with the battery and the new system, right now after a reboot the message has disappeared, but the battery is at 98% and does not charge more, however in the System Profile, it says that its condition is “Normal”, we will see if I discharge it a little more, for sure the message to repair it will come back… or not (fingers crossed).

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