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Snow Leopard, everything Apple couldn’t integrate into Leopard

Fondos de escritorio de Snow LeopardEn Apple
Although Snow Leopard may be one of the most important things that has happened in the last few months in the world of the makeup artist, Apple has not wanted to give it much importance and in fact the few times it has mentioned it it has barely commented on the subject.

I personally can’t help but think that Apple is lying a little bit to all of us. On the one hand, when he comments on this new version of Mac OS X, he doesn’t stop talking about the new hardware and how incredible it will be in this aspect, but deep down the new features are still those promised more than a year ago for the current version of Leopard, only with some improvements.

Snow Leopard, everything Apple couldn’t integrate into Leopard
Snow Leopard, everything Apple couldn’t integrate into Leopard

The main improvements are a 100% 64-bit system, which they had already promised. A multicore system, which I had already promised. Resolution independence, which they had already promised, and the ZFS file system, which they had also promised. What do we have left? Well, nothing particularly useful, Quicktime X and the ability to redirect up to 16Tb of RAM.

Still think Snow Leopard is a novelty? From my point of view and as the title of this entry says, Snow Leopard is everything that Apple couldn’t integrate into Leopard. Think that from the user’s point of view a new interface is more novel than a 100% 64bits system.

Most probably, due to the lack of time, Apple decided to focus its efforts on the Leopard interface and in general on the interface for a future Mac OS X and to leave a little bit aside the internal news since they are less visible for the “street” user.

Now that Apple no longer has any major releases, it has much more time to focus on more sensitive aspects of the system, this is the time to merge the new system interface with a new kernel restructured from scratch for the occasion.

From my point of view, Snow Leopard will be really amazing internally, although it will most likely have very little visual difference with Leopard. I would even dare to say that may be the first time that an upgrade of Mac OS X doesn’t cost money and although it remains to be seen, it would be the most logical thing to do.