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Smiley attack, Unicode approves 250 new emojis

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When IRC was the leading offer in Spain for Internet relations, the only smileys used were those made with punctuation marks, being these quite simple (oriental apart) but doing the job of expressing an emotion in a quite efficient way. Technology and ways of communicating advanced and today we have the emojis to help us express ourselves with the written message. On our devices we have hundreds of them but if we thought there weren’t enough to know that there will be 250 more emojis coming soon .

Smiley attack, Unicode approves 250 new emojis
Smiley attack, Unicode approves 250 new emojis

The Unicode Consortium has announced that in version 7 of the standard they are going to add new symbols that will make languages like Azerbaijani compatible and, which is what we are interested in, they will add about 250 more pictograms . Most of these (which will be the emojis of later) are inherited from such classic fonts as Webdings or Wingdings, so if we missed any symbol it seems that this new update will listen to our wishes.

Unicode and therefore Emoji is a standard . The only thing that changes on each device is the way the pictograms are displayed, so after this update it is expected that the languages on our devices will be updated sooner rather than later to add the new ones. And in case you are wondering, we will have the “hand turned over with middle finger extended” pictogram and the “Vulcan greeting”. How have I been able to live until now without sending my trekking friends to hell?

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