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Smartwatch Concept Apple Might Consider for iWatch

Concept that shows a new point of view about how the coming smartwatches could be

All the concepts that we have seen so far about iWatch could be encompassed with one adjective without fear of error: futuristic. To a greater or lesser extent, we are all waiting for an iWatch with materials and shapes that are far removed from those of conventional wristwatches: glass, oval shapes, steel, etc… Is that the path Apple will follow?

Leaving the question in the air, to which I do not dare to give an answer at the moment, I would like to show you a great concept that can bring a different point of view about the design line of the smartwatch . So far, the models on the market seem to make it clear: plastic for resistance, shapes that remind us more of sports bracelets and shapes in keeping with this.

Smartwatch Concept Apple Might Consider for iWatch
Smartwatch Concept Apple Might Consider for iWatch

However, the designer Gábor Balogh has a different conception of what is currently understood as an intelligent watch. His creation has a very clear premise, that of mixing all the futurism of the new technologies with the elegance and sobriety of the most classic designs . The result is this groundbreaking smartwatch.

The design could be perfectly confused with that of a classic watch of all times: large circular dial, leather strap and side buttons that simulate those used to adjust the watch hands. However, this smartwatch does justice to the motto ” appearances can be deceiving “, as inside are all the functions we would expect from a smartwatch.

The watch looks like a traditional watch but has all the features you would expect from a smartwatch

The smartwatch would have all the functions expected from the iWatch (weather, music applications, sports-oriented features, GPS) but in a traditional watch design. As its own designer says: ” I like products with discreet technology “. Without a doubt, his concept is a good tribute to his conviction.

As we see in Appadvice, it’s very clear that the concept won’t please everyone equally, since I know many people who are waiting for a really futuristic design from Apple with all the elements I mentioned at the beginning of the post. Personally, I would be more inclined to other kind of concepts that we have shown before, but the symbiosis between technology and classic design does not displease me.

What do you think of this concept? Futuristic or classic design?

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