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Smart demo accessories compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google

From some time to this part we are more and more surrounded by intelligent devices. While we might think that technology affects new devices or already invented devices such as smartphones, the truth is that even the most common in our homes can be equipped with intelligence to work in a 2.0 way. Light bulbs, thermostats or security cameras are some of the many objects that we can control with our mobile phone or other device such as a smart speaker. In this post we show you some of the most outstanding products if you want to enter this world of home automation or add it to your catalog if you already have some other.

Teckin Smart Plug

The basis of every intelligent home is to provide it with plugs that are also intelligent. This socket is a guarantee of quality on the basis that it is made by a recognised manufacturer such as Teckin. You will be able to control all the appliances that you connect to these sockets , so that, for example, you can connect or disconnect a coffee machine or a lamp without having to press any switch. The price is quite good for what these plugs usually cost and it also has a succulent offer; if you buy one it will cost you 14.99 euros but if you buy a pack of two you will save a few euros, as they will cost you 24.99 euros. You can buy them by clicking here .

Thermostat TADAT01

Smart demo accessories compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google
Smart demo accessories compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google

One of the functions that, at least in my opinion, are more interesting of the intelligent devices is to be able to control the temperature of the house even through the mobile phone if you are outside . With this smart thermostat you can do that. You can even purchase a kit for different rooms and thus regulate the temperature you want in each room. Depending on the kit you choose, you can find a price ranging from 98.03 euros to 194.16 euros . You can buy it by clicking here.

Osram Smart

A light bulb? Yes, a light bulb. But not just any light bulb, but a smart one. This bulb, which has different intensities and colours , can be controlled via your mobile in a really simple way, either from the manufacturer’s app or via HomeKit if you have an iPhone. This way you can say “hey Siri, turn on the light” and see how it turns on instantly. Also, like all the devices in this post, it works with Alexa from the Amazon Echo, the Apple HomePod, Google Home and other smart speakers. Its price per unit is 32.99 , although you can buy a set from 4 to 122.62 . You can buy it by clicking here .

Koogeek Light Strip

If there’s one thing that makes a room special, it’s its light. With this LED strip light you can achieve an incredible atmosphere wherever you place it. With 2 meters long, adjustable light and more than 1600 colours , this strip of light will leave you amazed. The way it connects to the power supply is via USB so it might be interesting to put it on your work desk. Its price is 37.59 and you can buy it by clicking here .

Logitech Circle 2 home automation camera

Safety is one of the aspects we most often take into account and that is that the safety of our home is paramount. With this Logitech camera you can monitor everything that happens in your house in real time . You can do this via mobile phone, tablet or computer . Also from these devices, and the smart speakers, you can operate this camera from 180 degrees . The full price of this camera, depending on whether you buy one, two and if you require other items such as plugs , bracket or the installation , will go from 139.95 to 341.99 . You can buy it by clicking here .

BONUS: Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

Smart speaker assistants are very fashionable these days. Alexa is one of the most popular, and it’s no wonder, since she can do almost anything from playing music to giving you information you need. The fact that she is in this post is because of her incredible price of 59.99 and her compatibility with home automation devices. Its small size doesn’t make it lose features and allows it to be very elegant anywhere in your home. You can buy it by clicking here .

Do you use any home automation devices in your home? Which one or which one? Tell us in the comment box.

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