Smart Alarm, Wake up in a Good Mood with this iPad App

iPad Smart Alarm: sleep cycles & noises, a great option for waking up

The iPad makes our day-to-day life much easier, but it can also control your night. Smart Alarm for iPad is an app that turns your Apple tablet into more than just a clock with an alarm. Thanks to this fantastic app, you can also control your sleeping hours and check how much you sleep and how much you rest . You can listen to all the noises in your room while you’re sleeping and find out why they don’t let you sleep properly.

Intelligent Alarm for iPad: Sleep Cycles & Noise is an application that has more than 10 million users worldwide and its operation is the best presentation card you can have. Besides the sleep control and the intelligent alarm function itself, you can also enjoy a weather station with a lot of information . The application has reached number one in Germany, Italy, UK, France, Russia, Spain and even over 70 countries worldwide.

iPad Smart Alarm includes a fantastic weather widget

Smart Alarm, Wake up in a Good Mood with this iPad App
Smart Alarm, Wake up in a Good Mood with this iPad App

Intelligent Alarm for iPad is a very complete application thanks to which you can control your sleep cycles. The algorithm it uses, STrack 2.0, allows you to determine the exact moment when your body is perfectly ready to wake up . You can also record the noise in the room where you sleep and check exactly what those little noises are that bother you and that you don’t know about. You will also be able to determine the exact time you fell asleep and know the real time you have been in your dream.

All the content of the app has been unlocked and you can enjoy Smart Alarm on your iPad in full . The app gives you the chance to select a theme that will make it easier for you to relax. You’ll find natural sounds like rainwater or completely different sounds like the sounds of the city – everyone relaxes the way they can! You can also add any song you want from your music library. The app also includes some chill-out tracks to help you relax. It’s up to you.

iPad Smart Alarm also lets you choose the sound you want to wake up to. Choose a preset theme, or choose the song or playlist you want to start playing when the time is up. Thanks to the sleep cycle control you can also wake up without setting a specific time , when you have slept enough and necessary Intelligent Alarm will wake you up. Generate your own sleep statistics and you won’t have any problems, guaranteed!

The time widget is a great thing that comes integrated into the application itself and you can hide it at will if you don’t want it to appear on the main screen. The weather station will give you information on temperature, rainfall possibilities, pressure, wind speed and humidity of almost every city in the world. The information you receive is structured in: morning, afternoon and evening . The application will find your location and automatically give you the forecast. The widget is simple and effective.

We slept with iPad Smart Alarm. Look how good it looks!

The iPad Smart Alarm interface has a very neat design and it’s surprising to see the main screen for the amount of information you receive at a glance. With just a few taps, you can set your alarm or check the weather forecast or even select the song you want to hear. In addition you can change the design of the main clock, choosing any of the three models, two analog and one digital . Choose your clock and tap on the full screen button to set it on your desktop.

Intelligent Alarm for iPad: Sleep cycles & noises include very accurate graphics and are compatible with the Retina Display. And you won’t have to worry about iPad battery consumption – the display dims when you’re not using it. Don’t miss this great app you can download from the App Store. Already have it? Tell us about your experience!

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