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Slife, accurately control the tasks you perform

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Slife is a free application that allows you to keep track of the tasks you do every day. But with a number of extras as we can track by day, by month, by applications, by activities and even by documents and websites visited (provided the application is compatible).

This can help us to know exactly and with a numerical value the time we spend doing this or that. Surely many of us have felt lost at some point when after a long time sitting in front of the computer we have the feeling that we have not been productive at all. Now you will know why.

Slife, accurately control the tasks you perform
Slife, accurately control the tasks you perform

With the Tracking of applications we can easily add the ones we are interested in, for them we only have to go to the preferences and in the list of applications drop the one we want to monitor. As well as unchecking those that do not interest us. We can also set personalized activities by ourselves.

And all this is displayed in a very simple and well-structured panel with which to know the information instantly.

An interesting application in my opinion, at least to use for a while and get to know ourselves a little better. Maybe this way you’ll get to know what you need to improve your productivity.

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